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Great stuff.

Funny stuff. I was thinking the same thing about the cobras when she said that.

What campus do you go to Griffith at? I'm going to the Gold Coast campus next year.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

the college of art is at south bank. at least i think there is only one.

Haha. Brings back memories.

Old Ruddy should have known better than to mention a strip club around his wife again. Excellent quality flash from you yet again. I always enjoy watching them.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks v much!

No real direction is there?

Ok so, we have this half decent flash, what can you do to make it better?

Well, your animation was good, not great, but good enough that it doesn't hurt my eyes. And your audio is nice an clear. What seems to be this works biggest fault is its story, humor and direction, or lack there of. The overall concept seems okay enough, ninjas and shit are pretty cool and all, but why have you got the main charater and the ninja talking like an aussie Jerry Jackson? He was probably your voice actors main influence at 'witty' humour.

The dialouge was pretty much garbage and 'random humour' really didn't do it for me. Try being more original with charater lines instead of just stealing captions from lolcat pictures; "This are relevant to my interests' ring any bells?

Basically keep on trying, your stuff will get better, just try incorperating actual humor into your script. Good job on getting Front Page.

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for those who don't know...

...it's a boy

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I sit on the train
It starts to move, yet I remain still
Theses people with me, they just sit there
As The train leaves the station.

I do not know, where we a going
I do not know how long it will take
I do not know if we will even get there
Before my mind breaks down and starts to break
Down down down down down down

Across the bridge now, we shunt along
You can see the wind on the grass outside
The feilds and meadows adored with life
I have never seen them before

Heading closer I feel light
Gently caring and free
Like a bird
It pours into me
I wonder where we are
Then we head into the tunnel

The darkness so bright
I cannot see anymore
I cannot see the train or the people
And i cannot feel them
Just feel
Like i'm... there.

Is that so bad?

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I really enjoy the idea of it being on a train. Very awesome.

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For the new wallpaper!

I love things penned like this.

dommi-fresh responds:

you're welcome buddy

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