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MattyT's News

Posted by MattyT - March 19th, 2012

Posted by MattyT - February 9th, 2012

Oh yeah.

Redesign is awesome

Posted by MattyT - July 27th, 2011

Maybe you'll see me around the writers forum. Possibly in Collab when I get around to making the proposal for the game I want to get made.

Creative people contact me if you want a writer foranysort of project, and I do mean anything.

Ho Hum, somewhat back.

Posted by MattyT - October 2nd, 2010

Yay I won second place in the Madness Day writing competition! I've never won anything on NG before so this is a big deal for me. I doubt I'll get any response for this but if anyone wants to use my story for a future Madness Day submission just PM me about it.

Now to start on my other projects. Namely the Halloween competition which I'm starting my entry right now, and other various things I'm trying to take off. I'll guess you'll just have to wait and see.

Runner Uprar is me/Poo

Posted by MattyT - September 6th, 2010

too many new projects son.

Erre erre

Posted by MattyT - August 19th, 2010

I mizzed you.

Posted by MattyT - March 15th, 2010

^ Working title for Graphic Novel I'm writing. Here is the first three pages of what I have so far. Comments and question encouraged.

Page 1:
Panel One:

James is waking up late; he is grasping his head in one hand due the disorientation from oversleeping and hearing the sounds of angry murmurs coming from the kitchen down the hall. It is around 10 o'clock in the morning, and the room is well light even though the curtains are still drawn due to their thin texture. He is wearing a plain grey shirt and his boxers.
TB: Wake up late.

Panel 2:James turns to examine his digital alarm clock, which was meant to wake him up a few hours prior, but didn't as there was a power outage during the night. The clock is displaying the time passed since it reset itself. So I guess it would be displaying a time of about 4:12am or something that would be logical in both begin a reasonable time from when the power went out and being a time that is incongruent with the sunlight coming in so it's obvious that it's not the correct time being displayed. James is clearly annoyed by this inconvenience and blames the clock for not taking him on time.

TB: Missed the alarm. Must have been a power outage last night. Shell's going to be super pissed I missed meeting up with her.

Panel 3:Close up of James' phone as he checks for messages. None are there.

TB: She didn't text me back, even better.

Panel 4: James is sitting on the end of his bed

TB: TV is out, Great. I guess all the electronics are fucked. Christ.

Page 2:this page needs more spacing out but I can do that shiz, laters.

Panel 1:
TB: Can hear parents fighting in the kitchen from here; God. My luck there won't be any milk and I'll have to go all the way to the corner store and back just so I can have something to eat. I don't think this morning could get any...

Page 3: This a point of view shot of James opening the door to see the most disturbing and horrifying thing he has seen or probably ever will see in his life. He is walking in at a certain point so ill put some back story as to what has happened beforehand.
A zombiefied next door neighbour, who was once Mrs. (I dunno, last names are hard) has stumbled into the house through a door and has attacked James's mother and horribly mutilated her. I'm thinking bite to the face and large scratches to her left arm. James' father has run to aid James' mother but is also attacked by the neighbour, pushed back against the kitchen bench and bite deep into his neck. With his blood pouring from his oesophagus and the life draining from him the zombie neighbour starts work on eating the rest of him starting with biting off his left hand digits one by one.

During this time James' mother starts to pick herself off the floor but something is different with her, the way she doesn't seem to react to the massive pain she must be feeling in her arm and face, the way her bodies positioned itself in some strange stiff looking stance but mainly it's the way she stumbles towards her dying husband and looks into his pleading eyes not with a sense of sorrow or sadness but with a look immense hunger. James' mother makes her way next to her 'moments before' attacker and starts to bite into her husband's stomach and that starts pulling at his insides with her bare hands and eating his entrails in regular zombie fashion. As his eyes begin to fade away, the look in James' father's eyes shows the look of utmost disbelief, eaten to death by his wife and neighbour on a regular morning. Finally after what to him seems like forever his head lowers and he is continued to have his intestines feasted upon by the woman he once loved and the woman he spent 6 years living next door too.

Oh yeah, and this is about where James walks in.

TB: ...Worse

Posted by MattyT - December 8th, 2009

It's been a while hasn't it Newgrounds? Schools kept me away from being on here much lately. I won't have to worry about anymore though, because I NO LONGER HAVE SCHOOL. I'm done. 12 years of that shit now behind me and now I can spend all my time on Newgrounds! Oh wait... I'll probably have to get a job and stuff. Hmm... guess it never ends huh.

Oh well, in the mean time. I've got a bit of stuff to keep me occupied.

A Graphic Novel: This one is just a bit of fun at the moment. A close lady friend of mine told me how she wanted to do a GN as something to do for the year, and would I be interested in writing for her (I was). It's about the zombie apocalypse, original I know, but hey like I said, just for fun. Already got a bag full of ideas for it, and I'll start work on it right after I do this actually (BTW, I'm firmly against the idea of running zombies, something my female artist does not agree with, but screw her.)

Youtube Videos: Writing, Filming and Acting in these. Me and my friends can come up with some actually funny shit from time to time, so why not share them with the world. We only have one video at the moment, and it ain't that great, but the next few should be pretty fucking funny especially to Newgrounders. Watch and subscribe and all that shit here. Enjoy.

Green Day Cover Band: Hell, why not?

So yeah, I'm pretty busy with shit to do. Hope you all have a good year and all that. I sure plan to.

Also, add me on Xbox live. GT: ENAHX98 (stupid name, wish I could change it like I wish I could change my NG name.)

Posted by MattyT - November 9th, 2009

from the ground.

Posted by MattyT - April 2nd, 2009

Holiday time omg. I can't be fucked finishing my flash, so If some animator out there would like to contact me for use of the idea, I'd be more than happy to hear from you.

I'm going to focus more on my writing and get some practice in here and there.

Our band came second in the local Battle of the bands, super kewl. We still haven't written any soild originals yet because we need a new lead guitarist FUUUU- but yeah, shit's all good.

ZacOnFire seems to be going down the path of 'We don't give a shit anymore' from Lochie and Zac. Kinda sad to see that happen.

If you want an idea for a Comic, Flash or even game, just PM me. All I'll want in return is acknowledgment.

Kewl Beanz.

P.S. Pearl Jam kicks ass.